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A little bit about me

Sup everyone!  My name is Trey and I’m a big fan of scootering.  I started when I was little on my Razor.  I eventually tried to do some tricks.  I started with tailwhips and went from there.  I wanted to try out my stunts so I got my parents to take me to a skate park.  I realized pretty quickly that the Razor was not going to cut it so I begged for a pro scooter and ended up getting a Fuzion at Walmart.  It was an okay pro scooter and was enough for me to be able to do stuff at the skate park.

From that day on I would scooter over to the skate park and hang out there whenever I could.  I spent most of my time just hanging out with friends, but I also practiced tricks on my scooter.  After a little while I feel I’ve gotten good enough to hold my own.  I am definitely not pro, but I can do some tricks.