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Amazing look at a pro scooter factory in China

Ethic DTC released a video today that provides an incredible look inside the factory in China that manufactures their pro scooters and parts.  They brought along their riders and had them interact with the factory workers throughout the production process.  You get an in depth look at what goes into manufacturing a Pandemonium pro scooter deck in China.

The video provides a good look at various stages of production that include:

  • forging (1:02)
  • CNC (1:26)
  • stamping (2:00)
  • welding (2:20)
  • heat treatment (2:50)
  • sandblasting (3:15)
  • anodization (3:35)
  • laser engraving (4:18)

Of course since they brought their riders with them, they just had to include some clips with them having fun with the Chinese factory workers.  At 4:43 in the clip, they setup ramps, a rail and a quarter pipe to do some tricks on.  You get to see their riders showing off their stuff in front of the workers and of course the workers making an effort at riding the products they make.

Almost all pro scooters are manufactured at factories in China due to cost.  It’s nice to see that the workers there seem to be having fun and also seem to put a lot of effort into making sure that the quality of the scooters they make is high.  It looks like it’s a good thing if the other pro scooter companies use factories similar to the one that Ethic DTC uses.