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San Diego ScooterCon 9

SD9 was awesome this year.  If you check out the SD9 results you can see that 1st and 2nd place were the same as at the ISAs.  Dylan Morrison continues to chase Kota for that elusive 1st place finish.  Everyone was rooting for Dylan to take the crown from Kota.  I have to say I was among them.

Dylan is just a way cooler rider than Kota.  I mean Kota has some serious skills and you know you’re going to see a sick double flare whenever he rides, but he seems like he’s never chill.  Dylan on the other hand is totally chill every time he talks.  He definitely is someone that I’d love to hang out with.

Capron and Corey Funk really tore it up this year.  They both seem to get better and better as time goes by.  Lucky Pro Scooters riders actually all did really well with many of them placing in the top 10.

Anyways, the SD9 was great this year because they seemed to be able to get more events in this time.  Usually it gets dark and there is not enough time to get everything in.  This year they seemed to stay on schedule and we were able to see the “best trick” for each of the riders.  It didn’t count for anything, but it was still really cool to see.

Here is a great edit of the event…