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What height, width, size pro scooter bars?

This has to be the most common question that newbies ask at the park.  It’s tough because there is no clear answer.  Different riders prefer different size bars.  For example, Kota rides on Lucky pro scooter bars that are really short for his height.  He looks really crouched over when he rides, but he’s the best rider in the world.  Most people would not be comfortable riding on bars that are that short.

The best guideline when shopping for pro scooter bars is that the bars should hit you just below your belly button.  In general this places them around your waist.  If you’re a girl, you will want them a little lower than that.  Shoot for about your hips.

You want to avoid having bars that are too tall or too short.  If they are too short you will have to crouch over and your back will hurt.  If your bars are too high you will have a very hard time trying to do any tricks at all.

Most pro scooters come with bars that are 20″-22″ high.  This tends to work for people that are 5′ to 5’6″.  If you’re shorter or taller than that you will probably want to order custom height bars.

For width, you want to get bars that are about as wide as your shoulders.  You should be able to place your hands on the grips comfortably.  Definitely avoid going too narrow as this will be very uncomfortable.  Going to wide is less of a problem as it just requires you to spread your hands more than ideal.

Scooters typically have bars that are 20″-22″ wide.  If you are younger (8-12), consider getting 18″ wide bars.  If you are tall (over 5’6″) you might want 24″ bars.

Again, this is just a general guide.  At the end of the day you will want to go to a shop and see how the bars feel on a short ride.